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The Latino Business Association a Non-Profit Foundation is a group of professionals in the fields of Law, Accounting, Insurance, Banking, Telecommunications, and Non-Profit, that share a common interest helping our community. While we focus to assist and support the local Latino community, we also help and support any cause that will provide support to our general population in Stanislaus County especially those that meet our ideals, objectives and goals.



The LBA began as the Latino Business Association in 1997 as a Non-Profit group of professionals eager to build strong business relationships between its members while promoting a positive image of the Hispanic community.

Successful applicant will have demonstrated significant financial need, have expressed meaningful educational and life goals in her/his personal essay, and have a history of scholastic achievement and community service. Scholarships open to Seniors in High School & College students.

Applications accepted throught the year!

Get in Touch with Us

Need to get ahold of us or want to become a sponsor? Give us a call or use the contact form below and we'll contact you as soon as possible.

Phone: (209) 522-1192

Address: 1110 Tully Rd, Ste A. Modesto, CA.

Thanks! Message sent.

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